“Media and the Arctic” invites students and media professionals to learn about and discuss environmental pressures, geopolitical tensions and cultural representations of the Arctic. “Media and the Arctic” is an international university course hosted by the Tampere Research Centre for Russian and Chinese Media (TaRC), University of Tampere, in October 2018 – January 2019.

The course focuses on three themes, and each participant will work on one of them. The themes are Arctic Environmental Journalism, Global Connections of the Arctic and Visual Representations of the Arctic. The main issues will be examined in workshops led by four distinguished experts Markku Heikkilä (Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland), Anna Kireeva (Bellona Foundation, Murmansk), Thomas Nilsen (Independent Barents Observer, Kirkenes), Alexei Popogrebsky (Moscow Film School).

For more information and the enrollment instructions, please visit https://research.uta.fi/tarc/masterclass-2018/

Enrolment is open 13 August – 14 September 2018.
Contact: TaRC coordinator Mika Perkiömäki (tarc@uta.fi, +358 50 437 7396).