How have has the Arctic environment shaped the lives of the people living in the Arctic regions? How have societies developed to cope with the challenges of the Northern conditions? What kind of dialogues are evoked and art inspired by these unique surroundings and their people? Find out answers to these questions and many more in the Arctic Exposure Summer Programme!

The aim of the programme is to familiarise the participants with Arctic environment and cultures, the changes of the environment, humans and societal dialogue. The Programme includes a study period either in the University of Lapland or the University of Oulu and a joint excursion to the town of Inari in Finnish Lapland.

This multidisciplinary programme encourages participants to familiarise themselves with the intriguing history, today, and the future of the Arctic areas and the changes affecting these areas. The focus is especially on the effects of the climate change. The aim of this course is to inspire participants to discover ways to raise awareness in order to preserve the unique Arctic areas. Make change to stop the change! Keep the arctic cool!

Exclusive Feature: Excursion to the town of Inari in Finnish Lapland

Excursion to Inari will lead the participants to the heart of Finnish Lapland with Arctic landscapes and clear Arctic lakes. There the participants will learn in an authentic environment and in the exclusive premises of The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos about the culture, traditions, and livelihoods of the only indigenous peoples in Europe, the Sámi.

More information about programme and instructions for applications in University of Lapland and University of Oulu webpages.