At Umeå University’s Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC), over 40 scientists study many facets of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem science in the Abisko region. This science is the basis for “A year in the Arctic” concept, that gives students the chance to immerse themselves in studying Arctic ecosystems while living at an internationally recognized Arctic research station.

The cornerstone is three international courses taking place at the Abisko Scientific Research Station (68.35 N, 18.82 E) over the year. Each course provides students with lectures, field excursions, and project work that includes fieldwork, analytical techniques and writing a scientific report.

Flexible course start

From a student’s perspective, the year in the Arctic can start any term.

- We want to offer a maximum flexibility, explains Keith Larson, Project Coordinator at CIRC, who thinks that this flexibility will facilitate for students from other parts of the UArctic network to join the courses.

“A year in the Arctic” is developed by the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umeå University, in collaboration with the University of the Arctic (UArctic). Peter Sköld, director of Arcum, the Arctic research centre at Umeå university and member of the UArctic Board of Govenors, is very pleased with this new collaborative course initiative:

- I think CIRC has done a great job developing the concept “A year in the Arctic”, he says. My wish is that more courses offered at Umeå university would be adapted according to the UArctic agenda in a similar way as this!

More information

For more general information about the Arctic Year, contact the Project Coordinator for the Climate Impacts Research Centre: Keith Larson,

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