Janette Peltokorpi was born in Sievi, Finland. She moved to Rovaniemi six years ago, when she started her business studies in Lapland University of Applied Sciences. She specified her studies in marketing. After graduating bachelor of business administration she continued studying in University of Lapland, where she is doing her master degree in management.

Janette started Russian language and culture studies in her first year of management studies. After learning the basics she left in exchange in St. Petersburg Polytechnic University for six months. In St. Petersburg she fell in love with Russian culture and wanted to learn more about that, so she continued Russian language and culture studies home in Rovaniemi. She also started Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies in Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki.

She decided to do this internship, because it opened her a way to work with arctic and Russian issues. She is also interested in communications and event organizing, so this internship seems to suit perfectly for her. Janette hopes internship at UArctic gives her more experience and knowledge about Arctic and working in international environment.