The MA level Winter Art Course was organised in collaboration with the University of Lapland and Sami Allaskuvla in Kautokeino, Norway 26 Feb – 2 March 2018. The course produced MUOHTAGI – LUMEN KANSSA – WITH SNOW  winter art entity on the yard of the Thon Hotel Kautokeino. The realization was sponsored by the Thon Hotel.

muohtagi 2.jpg

The course was tutored  by Timo Jokela and Antti Stöckell from the University of Lapland  and Inga Elise Pålve Idivuoma and Ravna Triumf from Sami Allaskuvla. The students taking part in the course were studying Duodji for Sami secondary school teacher education, Knowledge of Indigenous Duodji or Art in Sami Allaskuvla. The students from the University of Lapland were from the Arctic Art and Design programme or exchange students studying Art Education.

MUOHTAGI was part of UArctic's Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design thematic network activities. The network is led by the professor Timo Jokela, University of Lapland.