Applications are invited from the following research topics focusing on mineral resources and material efficiency:

  1. Chemical and physical processes for beneficiation of complex minerals
  • beneficiation of complex minerals and control of impurities (excl.      biobased processes)
  1. Mine site waste management
  • new methods for producing less waste or fitting waste into smaller volumes
  • reuse of mine tailings
  • novel methods for mine waste storage or damming
  1. Utilising geophysical and geochemical methods in mine site planning (excl. prospecting)
  • new measuring methods and their utilisation
  • novel utilisation of measuring methods
  • processing and interpretation of measurement data for mine site planning (e.g. ore  content, characteristics, continuity)
  • environmental measurements (e.g. condition of waste sites).

The funded teams are required to have established a high-quality and genuine collaborative relationship with the foreign team. Applicants must also assess the project’s future impact for the extractive industry and business.

In this call, the Finnish site of research is required to commit to the project to a greater degree than what is required in the Academy’s general commitment conditions. The application must show how the project supports the strategic international partnerships of the applicant’s Finnish host organisation and how the site of research commits to supporting the project's international collaborations during and after the project (e.g. additional research funding, researcher or student exchange, doctoral school collaboration).

All the additional information and guidelines can be read in the Application Call.