Timo Jokela’s and Antti Stöckell’s art is about being in the Northern nature in a right moment when the nature offers its wintery materials, lights, shadows and beauty to the hands of the artist. Winter is an impressive aesthetic phenomenon itself when different states of water, such as snow, frost and ice, create a distinct character for the environment.

Both of the artists have grown up and lived in Northern Finland where culture is adapted to winter. The dialect spoken in Northern Finland has dozens of different words to describe the different types and states of snow and ice, most of which are multisensory and illustrate the relationship of activities done in the wintery nature. Northern people have developed a way to observe and understand the yearly cycle of nature by living and working with it. This is tacit everyday knowledge of the North and has been the basis for Jokela’s and Stöckell’s art with winter elements. In the exhibition documentary photographs and videos of snow and ice installations tell us how the artist are working in northern places in Finland and in Norway.

Made with winter1.JPG

This exhibition is part of the activities of UArctic Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design thematic network