The project is fulfilled by conducting marine, scientific and educational expeditions in the Arctic. All expeditions are carried out on the research-vessel “Professor Molchanov”. Originally built in 1982 for the Russian Hydro-Meteorological Service, R/V Professor Molchanov has been refurbished to accommodate a maximum of 80 passengers and staff.

The project is established for undergraduate and postgraduate students and young researchers. 

Aims of the 2018 expedition:

  • acquiring new knowledge about the state and changes in the ecosystem of the coastal areas of Novaya Zemlya archipelago;
  • training of young specialists of the Arctic-focused specialties: hydrometeorology, ecology, arctic biology, geography, ethnopolitology, international law;
  • development of scientific and educational cooperation with the Arctic Council countries in the framework of the high-latitude Arctic expeditions;
  • popularization of the Russian scientific, historical, cultural and natural heritage and polar research.

Expedition dates: July 10 - July 29 (20 days)
Expedition participants: 58 people (students, post-graduate students, research fellows of both Russian and foreign scientific and academic institutions)
Financing: organization of the expeditions is carried out by means of co-financing by the institutions participating in the project. Participation fee per person is 330,000 RUR (covers accommodation, meals, transport expenditures and administrative costs. Please note: price does not include visa related costs.

Read more about the "Arctic Floating University" at NArFU web page.

Download the information letter and application forms: for researchers, for students.

Please submit your application before February 15, 2018 to

Contact person:

Ksenia Vezhlivtseva 
Project leader assistant
tel.: +7-962-663-54-10