Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) is a government-sponsored polar research institute of the Republic of Korea. While serving as the operator of national polar programs, KOPRI also advocates international cooperation in polar science and research.

The fellowship, initiated in 2015, aims to promote Asian research collaboration and provide future generation polar scientists with networking and research opportunities, by making use of its expanding infrastructure and capacity.

The Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program consists of two categories: the Institute Visiting Program and the Field Research Program, lasting up to a 3 month period. The Institute Visiting Program offers office space and/or laboratory access within the KOPRI facilities, while the Field Research Program offers logistics support for conducting field research using KOPRI facilities, i.e. Antarctic Research Stations and IBRV Araon.

Application for the fellowship is open until March 4, 2018. To be eligible, the applicant should be from a country in Asia.

For more information, visit the website, read the brochure, or contact fellowship@kopri.re.kr.