VIII National Congress with international participation "Ecology and human health in the North" is one of the most significant events in the calendar of scientific and educational activities of regional health.

The Congress will include a large number of activities as plenary sessions, conferences for researchers, faculty members and for students, workshops, roundtables, courses for students, Medical Olympiad for students and an exhibition of modern achievements in creation and production of new medicines, technologies, equipment and medical products that have been successfully applied in medical and preventive institutions of Russia.

Sessions (not limited to):

  1. Fundamental science and modern approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of basic human diseases.
  2. Medicine in the XXI century - preventive, predictive, personalized. Formation of a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Evidence-based medicine: a modern model for making clinical decisions and rational organization of the health care system.
  4. Modern approaches and innovative technologies in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  5. Interdisciplinary approaches in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of basic human diseases in the North.

Organizers also invite 2-6 year students, interns and residents to participate in the Olympiad in following disciplines: History of Medicine, Nervous Diseases, Pediatrics, Therapy, Surgerey, Epidemiology, Traumatology, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Public Health and Healthcare.    

For more information please check the information letter.