Do you want to be part of 20 students who will present their work on sustainable food production and consumption, innovation, and science-policy-society dialogue? Send your application by 15 May 2017 and read more at

The Master’s and PhD course is about Engaged Scholarship, Food Security and Sustainability. Students will get to interact with international experts as well Faroese government representatives, farmers and business community, and civil society. We have several locations in the Faroes – and good food of course as we’re partnering with local farmers as well as Michelin star restaurant KOKS.

The course will offer students a necessary reflexive, critical, and practical understanding of green growth and engaged scholarship. The course takes place in connection with a Green Growth Dialogue Workshop focusing on a specific topic. Students and researchers from partnering West Nordic Universities will engage with public and private actors to discuss what green growth means in practice and how West Nordic societies can and should transition to more sustainable economies.

More information on Green Growth Dialogue and the Master's and PhD course