Sustainable Leadership

Leaders of the future will be faced with challenging tasks in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The course will explore emerging ideas about leadership and provide practical training in leadership. The Nordic Leadership Model and Servant Leadership will be in special focus. Sustainability and social responsibility will be discussed and the role of social entrepreneurs will be examined. The course will include both academic lectures, discussion periods and more practical approaches that will include assignments, group work and field trips.

Future Studies & Innovation

The future seems to be getting more and more complex and less and less predictable. Today, new firms grow much faster than ever and established firms die much earlier. It is therefore more important to become future oriented in order to stay competitive and the established firms must realize how important innovation and creativity really are. Exponential growth is happening in new areas now which causes the evolution of Corporate Foresight (systematically creating superior positions in attractive markets of the future) to rise rapidly. The students of this program will get the opportunity to master Road Mapping and Schenario Techniques, and to understand Corporate Foresight and which activities future prepared firms excel on. Students get to realize the different methods of venturing and how to create value of foresighting.

Application deadlines: May 1, 2018 for Future Studies - June 1, 2018 for Sustainable Leadership.

Applicants have to be at least 18 years old and must have an educational background equivalent to one year at a university before the beginning of the program.

Price: Future Studies 2,500 eur and Sustainable Leadership 3,500 eur. Prices include seminars, accommodation, trips and full board. Students from Bifröst partner universities get 25% discount. Early birds get 10% discount if applied before February 1, 2018.

For more information, draft schedules/programs, and to apply, see the summer school webpages.