The station design was thought of to comply with practical and psychological needs, not only withstand the harsh conditions on the continent. Every aspect of the station was worked and re-worked to minimize energy and material loss while optimizing performance and space.


While the sun never sets in Antarctica for one half of the year, it never rises for the other half. This means that, in order to function properly during the Antarctic winter, the Princess Elisabeth Station needed a second source of energy that would be available all winter long. The severe winds on the Antarctic continent provided the answer to that issue, as the wind gusts from the plateau are as fierce in the winter as they are in the summer. A mix of renewable energy sources including nine wind turbines and two breeds of solar panels makes the station use sustainable and environmental friendly.


Here you will find short presentations of all science projects conducted at the station in accordance with season and topics of research.

More information about the Princess Elisabeth station is available in the brochure, in the video and on the International Polar Foundation’s website.