The 2-week Summer Eco-Geographical School offers an ethnographic and natural-research components. Participants will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the field research under permafrost conditions, visit the unique natural and cultural sites.

The program includes lectures, workshops and field trips on scientific research of the Lena Pillars by leading experts, geographers, paleontologists, geologists and biologists of Yakutia.

Since the School program includes a large number of hiking, participation in scientific experiments under natural environmental conditions that require a certain physical activity, please, indicate your medical contraindications. Please, indicate if you have an allergy to any drugs, foods, insect bites. Please remember that one of the features of the northern summer is a large number of blood-sucking insects, mosquitoes and midges insects.

Participation fee (includes accommodation, transportation, excursions and field meal):

17 000 rubles (200 euros).

12 500 rubles (150 Euros)- for students from partner universities within bilateral agreements.

Target group: Bachelor, Master and postgraduate students who are interested in Natural Sciences and Tourism, Geography issues, Geology, Paleontology, Biology, Tourism, History, Ethnography, etc.

More details in information letter.

Please contact for more information.