The project got more than 40 000 Euro for 1-year-implementation. Its main goal is to establish and deepen cooperation between universities in Russia and Northern Europe. One of the project results will be a roadmap of higher education institutions' internationalization, as well as creation of  an online platform for the international cooperation network.

The members of the created network are: University College South Denmark (Denmark), University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä (Finland), Yugra State University and Nizhnevartovsk State University. In the future the number of partner institutions will increase. International activities within this network and development of the online platform will enhance cooperation between Russian and Nordic universities by sharing resources, facilities and expertise in the field of traditional and / or disciplinary knowledge.

Partners have already held the first coordination meeting in Jyväskylä (Finland), where the project objectives have been identified and responsibilities for its implementation allocated. The next meeting will be held May 16- 20 at Nizhnevartovsk State University.

The second meeting involves students from the three partner countries that have participated in academic mobility programs and are ready to share positive and negative impressions that they received, studying in another country.