At the moment we can notice an active discussion of solutions in the field of protection of the Russian Federation national interests in the Arctic and the strategic issues defined by the Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic for 2020.

Participants will focus on further questions:

  • Legal aspects of social and economic development of the Arctic: goals, priorities and reliability problems
  • Cooperation principles and legal issues of interaction between business and public authority in improving prospects for investing in the Arctic
  • Directions of improving natural resources law of Russian Federation in relations to the Arctic. The bill «On the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation». Environmental liability. Subsurface management
  • Legal issues of transport accessibility (Northern Sea Route)
  • The uniqueness of the legal regime for the Arctic. International and national environmental management regime. Prospects for unification of the rules of the modern international legal regime for the Arctic. Practical aspects of international cooperation in the Arctic

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