Cross-country vehicle "Burlak" has no analogues in the world. Extensive tests on the ground, floating ice and water will confirm its high operating characteristic.

The idea of the Vehicular transarctic expedition belongs to the Ekaterinburg designer Alexey Makarov. He was inspired by the record set by the traveler Vasiliy Yelagin, who in 2009 was the first in the world to reach the North pole on wheeled vehicles "Emelya". But those cars had to be left in the ice, and the travelers returned on helicopters. Alexey Makarov decided to create a more perfect machine to reach the North Pole autonomously without getting fuel and food from aviation and return to the mainland under its own power.

"Burlak" is a six-wheeled amphibious vehicle which weight is about 4 tons. Access to all components is possible from the cabin not to repair the vehicle in the harsh polar conditions. The sealed hull construction and the presence of the propeller allow the machine to float and maneuver among the ice breaks.

Inside the cabin, there will be all necessary equipment for the expedition participants: four beds, a kitchen, a sink, a shower. By adjusting the flow of heat from the engine, it is possible to maintain comfortable temperature. Such  cross-country vehicles can be successfully used in the future to work in the harsh conditions of the Far North and for scientific expeditions.

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