The Centre of Excellence programme is designed to strengthen the international competitiveness of Finnish research and to increase its visibility and appreciation. In addition, the programme aims at developing creative and productive research and training environments that generate excellence and contribute to the overall progress of science and society.

The key criteria on which Centres of Excellence are selected are the scientific quality and innovativeness of their research. Other factors that are considered include the feasibility of the research plan, the qualifications of team members, networking contacts and the contribution to the promotion of professional research careers and researcher training.

Appendices to application:

Review and decision-making process:

  • The applications will be reviewed by international panels of experts.
  • The panels will hold interviews with the applicants at the Academy of Finland in March–April 2017.
  • Preparatory groups will process the applications in April 2017. The groups consist of members of the Academy’s research councils.
  • A general subcommittee appointed by the Academy Board will make the final funding decisions in May–June 2017.
  • The decisions will be announced with a press release.
  • Negotiations on the funding and objectives for the CoE term will be held at the Academy of Finland in autumn 2017.


For more information visit Academy of Finland website.