Participants in the meeting will discuss the key issues of the Arctic states' cooperation. How effective are the mechanisms to maintain peace, stability and economic cooperation in the region? What can be done to improve them? What are the prospects for the commercial use of oil and gas deposits in the region? Should fishing be expanded in Arctic waters? Does the activity of non-Arctic countries in the region pose a threat to cooperation between the Arctic states?

Participants will include Vasily Bogoyavlensky, deputy director of the Institute of Oil and Gas of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the academy's corresponding member; Andrei Zagorsky, head of the Department of Disarmament and Conflict Settlement at the International Security Center of the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences and member of the Russian International Affairs Council; Professor Vyacheslav Zilanov, a member of the International Academy of Environmental Safety; Yelena Kudryashova, rector of the Lomonosov Northern (Federal) Arctic University, member of the Russian International Affairs Council; and Timur Makhmutov, deputy program director at the Russian International Affairs Council.

The conference will take place at 13:00 on October 10 at the International Multimedia Press Center (Presidential Hall) at 4 Zubovsky Boulevard, Moscow. For accreditation, email