Handwritten text of the book is accompanied by Braille type with the embossed alphabet. Illustrations in the book are made of different materials: fur, fabrics of various textures, leather, plastic, etc. The main character of the book – Black Fox – is a beautiful soft toy, with which every child can play.

The "Tale of a Black Fox" belongs to Khanty people's folklore. Reading it, children can learn the history of their Motherland (Ugra district).

The first readers of the book were Rehabilitation center children with disabilities. The children looked through the book, tried to "read" it with fingers and enjoyed playing with the Black Fox.

As a part of the special practical training "Tactile books as a means of teaching children with visual impairment", under the guidance of Surgut State Pedagogical University’s professor Olga Bogataya, several handmade tactile books were prepared, meeting the specifications of such books. Representatives of the University are ready to share their experiences with educational organizations and cultural institutions.

More information about the presentation of the book as well as photos of the book can be found here in Russian.