"The word World in the original name of the museum is not accidental, since unique paleontological materials of universal significance, stored and shown there, are an invaluable heritage of mankind. There is a 75% of the world's known graves of mammoths and other representatives of the mammoth fauna with preserved soft tissues, found in Yakutia. It is also important that leading experts took part in the research of unique discoveries of fossil animals", said specialists of the laboratory "P.A. Lazarev Mammoth Museum"

The studies of unique discoveries of fossil animals bring together leading experts from around the world – search of the living cells and the ability to clone Malolyakhovsky mammoth is developed jointly with SOOAM, South Korean Biotech Foundation. Let us remember, September 1, 2014 during a visit to Yakutsk, the Russian President Vladimir Putin got acquainted with the exhibits of the Mammoth Museum and discussed the possibility of cloning a mammoth.

Permafrost Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk, conducting basic research of the cryolithozone and permafrost soils, also entered the top 10. The list of newspaper recommendations includes Moscow’s GUM, the State Museum "Hermitage" in St. Petersburg, Kizhi Island, tea plantation in the Krasnodar region, the volcanic Matua Island on the Kuril Islands.