Guests are invited to visit a thematic exhibition where research results of Surgut State University scientists will be presented to the public. Among other achievements is the creation of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (Supercomputer Center), which was opened on the basis of the SSU Polytechnic Institute a year ago. The Center staff  is now actively involved in research projects.

“Our Work was carried out due to financial support of  RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research)”, says Director of the Polytechnic Institute Valery Galkin. “Two projects got the financiation. The first one is related to 3D modeling in physical kinetics and magnetic hydrodynamics of complex natural systems. The second is connected with the modeling of electrophysical characteristics in the life forms’ vessels.

Moreover,  through the request of the Russian Academy of Sciences we have also done the modeling work of soils freezing and thawing in conditions of the Arctic and the Far North in the three-dimensional geometry. This work has practical value for the problems of Arctic exploration”.

The work results will be summed up at the university researchers' meeting, where colleagues will also discuss new aims and priorities in their activities.


February 8 is the Day of Russian science. This holiday was established by presidential decree in 1999.