Sami University College student Áslat Holmberg visits Yakutia

"It was exciting to get to a place where I probably would not go on my own." Áslat Holmberg replies when asked about the Yakutia trip.

Sami University College is committed to teaching its students about other indigenous people. To fulfill this goal the University College arranges field trips and encourages its students to become exchange-students.

Áslat Holmberg is a teacher student, and one of the students who have attended to a field trip abroad. Spring 2013 he was in Yakutia for two weeks. This is how he experienced the field trip: “It was exciting to get to a place where I probably would not go on my own. We felt that we were esteemed guests and got to participate in many really special cultural events. I also learned that they had a different focus of the children's education than we do."

"It seemed that the kindergartens and the schools we visited had a focus of attention to performing. All the children had something they could exhibit. Of course the reason of that could be that they chose to take us to the most exciting schools, art schools where children learned to dance, sing, play instruments and act. At such schools it would be natural to have a lot of performing. But anyway it was something that caught my attention; they had much more focus on performing than I have seen in our schools in Sapmi." Áslat Holmberg summarizes.