The workshop organized in Arkhangelsk by University of Alaska Fairbanks and Northern (Arctic) Federal University is unique. Its particular features are: (1) leading roles in design and implementation of the course is given to students; (2) multi-national and multi-disciplinary knowledge and perspectives on most common natural hazards, as well as their social and policy implications, are included into the course; and (3) an emphasis is on problems that are unique to or exacerbated by Arctic conditions. The latter includes presence of ice, limited transportation infrastructure, great length of supply lines, and the time pressure for response that extreme cold imposes.

The main outcome of the event was development of the concept of the on-line course "Natural Hazards". On Friday, the participants discussed the preliminary results. Student made a presentation on thematic modules of the course: Earthquakes, Tsunami, Forest Fire, Flood, Volcano. Students confessed that it is very difficult to include all interesting information in a small educational program, so the modules will include only the most basic issues.

It is assumed that each module will take one week. The on-line course will be based on lectures. However practical exercises, particularly the method of case studies will be also included. The joint educational course will be designed for MA and PhD students of UArctic. Participants will continue further work over the course during spring and summer of this year. In September, the group plans to discuss the course modules in Alaska.