The theme of the seminar is Important Arctic peoples, the Inuit and the Dene, have their origins in the Western Arctic from where they migrated eastward to Canada and Greenland.  This year IPSSAS returns to Alaska, which is the homeland of much of the Arctic’s population.  Seminar participants are encouraged to relate their presentations to this history and to cross-cultural relations in general within the Arctic region.

IPSSAS X 2014 seeks to understand issues of interest to Social Science in the Arctic, taken broadly to include language, education, impact of climate and other questions in addition to more traditional concerns of this discipline. Research on a variety of topics related to the Arctic and its population is relevant and welcome at the seminar.  See the IPSSAS website for more information: .

Eligibility:PhD students involved in research on Arctic societies. Senior Master’s students considering pursuing research on Arctic societies at the doctoral level can also apply.

Course Credit Equivalent: 3 North American credits or equivalent in European institutions.

Application guidelines: Graduate students wanting to participate in the 10th IPSSAS seminar in Fairbanks, Alaska are asked to e-mail an application to the IPSSAS Secretariat: Department of Eskimology and Arctic Studies, University of Copenhagen, at before November 20, 2014. Please follow the Application guidelines described at

IPSSAS X - University of Alaska Organizing Committee:

Dr. Lawrence Kaplan (Professor - Alaska Native Language Center),

Dr. Anna Berge (Associate Professor - Alaska Native Language Center),

Dr. Michael Koskey (Assistant Professor – Cross-Cultural Studies)

Dr. Patrick Plattet (Assistant Professor - Anthropology).

10th IPSSAS PhD (1)