Arctic and Subarctic landscapes are more than ever contested as they are faced with an increased interest for mineral extraction and energy production. Such activities displace both traditional ways of living and landscape practices inherent to them. They not only change the surface of the earth, but also affect social development as well as the narratives about the landscape.

This workshop aims to explore and visualize landscape changes in the Arctic and Subarctic in an experimental manner. On the basis of data, collected in research projects at UiT and elsewhere, students will learn to communicate landscape data in multidimensional ways with the help of digital media and media art. Besides training in visualization techniques through digital media and art, participants have the possibility to create an interactive data installation to present at the Arctic Frontiers Conference in Tromsø in January 2014.

The workshop is a cooperation between the University of the Arctic Thematic Network of Digital Media and Media Arts, the High North Academy at UiT, and the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies. It was initiated by ReCO Research Communication and Outreach at UiT.

For more information, see the course web page.