Includes topics related to prokaryotes, eukaryotes, viruses, technological developments, and process related research
• Sub-zero Microbiology: Links to Other Ecosystems
• Microbial First Responders to a Changing World
• Thresholds and Tipping Points in the Cryosphere
• Subglacial Microbiology
• Evolution of Psychrophilic Microorganisms
• Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Environmental Change: Past, Present and Future
• Earth's icy Biosphere as a Model for Life on Extraterrestrial Subzero Worlds

Funding for conference participation:
The 5th International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology is pleased to announce funding for US Early Career Scientists to attend PAM 2013. Generous support from the NASA Astrobiology Institute and the US Department of Energy has made these grants possible. PAM 2013 will award several competitive grants in the amount of $1200 based on strength and relevance of abstract submitted. Further details on these grants and the application procedure can be found on the conference website.

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 24 June 2013.

Conference website: