The Scientific Committee of the 9th International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar (9IPCHS) is pleased to provide, through this website, the seminar information for all who are planning to participate in the Seminar which will be held on July 17 to 22 2011, in Luxembourg city. In order to join this fundamental and practical discussion of the field of plant cold hardiness research, please access the registration form.

For its ninth edition, the Seminar will be hosted by the Public Research Centre - Gabriel Lippmann in Luxembourg. It follows the first meeting in St. Paul, USA, in 1977, Sapporo, Japan (1981), Shanghai, PRC (1986), Uppsala, Sweden (1991), Corvallis, USA (1996), Helsinki, Finland (2001), Sapporo, Japan (2004), and lastly, Saskatoon, Canada (2007). The 10th edition will take place in Chile in 2014.

At the 9th IPCHS, participants will have the opportunity to present their recent research on various aspects of cold hardiness, meet with colleagues to discuss recent advances, and obtain an up-to-the-minute overview of cold hardiness research and related fields. The seminar will include invited lectures, selected presentations and poster sessions.

- Session 1: Cellular responses to low temperature
- Session 2: Physiological and ecophysiological aspects of low temperature adaptation
- Session 3: Genetic adaptations of plants to cold
- Session 4: Climate change as a new challenge in cold and plants
- Session 5: Integrative biology as a tool to unravel mechanisms of cold responses in plants
- Session 6: Improvement of crops through the knowledge of Plant Cold Hardiness

Before the conference, a course will be given (13 to 16 July 2011) at the CRP - Gabriel Lippmann in Belvaux (Luxembourg) by international experts in the field. The course will give a theoretical and practical approach of cold acclimation in plants. Please follow this link for more information.