The Bachelor of Northern Studies contains all of the circumpolar core courses developed by University of the Arctic. These courses are obligatory and taught online while the advanced part of the program is consisting of three optional programs, two taught on campus in autumn and spring. And for those who are not in the position of receiving a scholarship to go to Alta, a third advanced emphasis program is being offered online during the study year. Local coordinators are following up students at their home universities, and Finnmark University College is investing in their capacity to service their joint students.
The BNS cooperation is a part of the college's high north strategy and a special focus is given on the neighboring universities in Murmansk. A location as the northernmost Norwegian college is calling for cross-border cooperation with Russian universities at Kola. Murmansk State Humanities University has included the courses as an obligatory part of some of their own programs, and these students will qualify for a double bachelor degree.

Students at Kola Branch of St Petersburg Economic University in ApatityStudents at Kola Branch of St. Petersburg Economic University in Apatity. (Photo: Peter Haugseth)

"We are most pleased with this development", says Per Moeller, the administrative lead of the BNS program, "and we have today cooperation with all universities and university departments in Murmansk, Apatity and Kirovsk. We are specializing on cooperation in the Barents region, and especially with institutions at Kola. We are also in the process of developing additional modules together with Russian academics on peoples and cultures, economy and politics concerning living in the High North. This will contribute to make our program of extra relevance for students in the Barents region ".

Per Moeller together with Peter Haugseth visited all partner institutions in Murmansk, Apatity and Kirovsk during the last week of October. "A most successful visit", says Per Moeller.