ARCUS has hosted the Arctic Forum annually since 1994 to provide a venue to gather together members of the interdisciplinary arctic research community, agency personnel and policy makers, educators, students, and other stakeholders to discuss and address important arctic research,
policy, and education issues.

In order to focus on other priorities for the year, the Arctic Forum will be on hiatus in 2009. ARCUS will be exploring options and funding for an Arctic Forum, or similar meeting, for 2010 and future years.

The annual corporate meeting and the Council Forum membership meeting, usually held in conjunction with the Arctic Forum, will be held virtually as web-meetings this summer. Dates for these meetings, more information, and notice of public sessions will be announced via
ArcticInfo soon.

For more information about the plans for the corporate and membership meetings, please contact:
Kristina Creek, ARCUS Executive Assistant

Further details about past Arctic Forums, please click here.