"This is a really significant opportunity for present and future students."
remarked Senior Instructor Kevin McGill. "Our students expressed a great deal of comfort with the people and places in Northern Norway. The idea of developing educational resources with other polar people is really appealing."

The proposal now goes to Senior Academic Advisor, Linda Pemik who is already familiar with a number of the Norwegian players including the Finnmark Dean, Professor T. Nesheim who drafted the proposal. Finnmark is suggesting that we could start with research and faculty exchange opportunities and then see what we can build from there.

"The Finnmark faculty who hosted us are very excited about the possibility of coming to Cambridge Bay." continued McGill, "They have already connected with the people of New Zealand and Greenland and even elsewhere in Canada.
They have lots to share about reclaiming cultural traditions, overcoming adversity and finding one's place in the modern world."

McGill hopes that the return visits could happen as early as next year.

In the meantime, the trip was simply amazing for the students.

"We were treated royally by our hosts. We got to see everything from a traditional slate tile making demonstration to the May 17th Norwegian National Day Parade.Our workshop went very well. And the students even got to go bowling!"

The trip will be made into a slide show, pod cast and digital movie so there's lots more information to come on the College's website.