The Joint International conference on Cryospheric Changes and Influences, Cryospheric Issues in Regional Sustainable Development, will be held in Lijiang, China, 12-14 August 2010. The aim of the conference is to promote understanding of changes in the cryosphere, promote capabilities to model and assess these changes, and develop mitigation and adaptive strategies for the changing global climate and cryosphere.

The conference will focus on cryospheric changes and influences on regional sustainable development. Sessions will include:
1. Cryospheric distribution and changes (including glaciers, ice caps and sheets, permafrost, frozen ground, snowfall, snow cover, sea ice, lake ice, and river ice);
2. Cold region hydrology and water resources;
3. Regional cryosphere-atmosphere-hydrology-ecology interactions;
4. Cryospheric disasters;
5. Influences of cryospheric changes on regional development;
6. Frangibility and adaptability of cryosphere; and
7. Mitigation and adaptive countermeasures on cryospheric changes.

Conference organizers invite abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations. The deadline for abstract submission is 1 December 2009. Abstracts should be 250-300 words and contain a title, author(s) full name, address, and email. Further size and formatting guidelines are available on the first circular.
Please submit all abstracts via email to:

More information will be available on a conference website in October 2009.

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Or contact the conference secretariat:
Shichang Kang
Phone: +0086-10-6284-9681