Arctic Views offers a wide scope of information about the Arctic region, from different perspectives . The articles are written by journalism students and the main target group for the articles are exchange students and international co-ordinators in different schools. And of course, everyone who is interested in the Arctic region and the people living there. 

In the Arctic Views you can read about:
E-zine - What bear meat tastes like
- The situation of the arctic fox
- Hiking Norwegians
- The reindeer-flamenco festival
- and much more!

Arctic Views is a Thematic Network in Journalism. The goal of the Thematic Network is to produce an electronic magazine. The articles are written by Norwegian and Russian students.

This year's Arctic Views is a collaboration between Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Bodø University College, Murmansk Humanity Institute and Sakha State University of Russia.

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The Poro Feria Festival in Oulu, Finland
Photo: Pekka Kallasaari