LARM encompasses two assumed major changes in past resource management:

- The establishment of large pit-fall systems for hunting wild
reindeer from around 2500 BC; and
- The transition to hunting-based reindeer herding, possibly as
early as AD 800/1000.

The principal objective is to investigate how hunting/herding landscape
knowledge and resource management is related to multiple dimensions of
maintained and changing identities, particularly ethnicity, gender, and
territory. The project is organized into three integrated modules:

- From Hunting to Herding of reindeer? From Stone Age to Iron Age in
Interior Northern Fennoscandia;
- History, Ethnography, and Traditional Culture; and
- Sami Place-Names and Landscape Understanding.

The fellowship will be part of the "From Hunting to Herding of
reindeer?" module, with a particular focus on filling the first
millennium AD on variations and developments in the management of

A Norwegian doctoral degree in the field of archaeology, or a foreign
doctoral degree in archaeology equivalent to a Norwegian doctorate is a
prerequisite for appointment to the position. The applicant must provide
officially certified documentation of their scholarly competence, and
include translations in English or a Scandinavian language.

Application packages must include a CV, a list of all scientific works
including details of publications, certified copies of diplomas and
references, and any written references. Applications must also be
accompanied by a proposal for the qualifying work. Appointments are made
on the understanding that the appointee shall complete her/his project
within the contract term.

Applications must be submitted online at: as well as mailed
(five copies) to:

Department of Archaeology and Social Anthropology
Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
University of Tromso
9037 Tromso

Application Deadline: Thursday, 19 November 2009

For further information, please go to:

Or contact:
Marianne Skandfer