The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) offers graduate training in the Resilience and Adaptation Program (RAP) to prepare scholars, policy-makers, and managers to address issues of regional sustainability in an integrated fashion.

A major challenge facing humanity is to sustain the desirable features of Earth's ecosystems and society at a time of rapid changes in all of the major forces that shape their structure and functioning. RAP
integrates ecology, economics, anthropology, and community and regional development studies in a systems framework, with an emphasis on high-latitude social-ecological systems. The program focuses on
local-to-global interactions and approaches for building resilience to cope with change. The underlying assumption is that no solution will work unless it is ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable. Issues that influence the future sustainability of Alaska and the Circumpolar North are a high priority for the program.

RAP provides training to graduate students at the Masters and PhD levels at the University of Alaska, in Fairbanks, Alaska. Students of the program can pursue graduate degrees in Biology and Wildlife,
Anthropology, Natural Resource and Sustainability, Northern Studies, Geology & Geophysics, Rural Development, and Interdisciplinary Studies. NSF-funded fellowships are available to PhD candidates entering the program. Additional funding is available to both PhD and MS students through participating departments. Alaska Natives and other under-represented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

There are currently over 45 students in the program. RAP provides coursework, a graduate seminar program, and faculty mentorship, as well as a summer internship program in areas outside each student's major discipline. Research programs at the University of Alaska and in state and federal agencies offer interdisciplinary research opportunities. The program emphasizes cross-cultural communication through heavy involvement with the Alaskan Native American community and with agencies, businesses, and conservation groups.

The target date for applications is early February 2009. Applications received after that date will be considered. For more information, please go to:, or contact the RAP office at:
Phone: 907-474-7987.