The Fifth Open Meeting of the Northern Research Forum will be held on 24-27 September 2008, in Anchorage, Alaska. The event is being organized by the Northern Research Forum (NRF), together with the 5th NRF Host Organizing Committee.
The main theme of the meeting is "The Northern Community in the 21st Century: Seeking Balance in a Changing North," with several integrated sub-themes and regional case studies. Discussions are expected to highlight in particular the role of research and the social relevance of science in addressing:
  • The Accessible Arctic: Linking the North, within and without, in the Global Economy;
  • The Future of Northern Cooperation;
  • Leadership under the Conditions of Uncertainty: How do we sustain and build a healthy Northern Community?; and
  • The New Geography of a Warming North.
A final list of sub-themes and case studies for the plenary sessions and workshop topics will be decided in a meeting of NRF Steering Committee members in February 2008. Proposals or suggestions may be submitted to the NRF Secretariat (, Lassi Heininen, Chairman of the NRF Steering Committee (, or the NRF Steering Committee (
To subscribe to the NRF notifications e-mail list, please send your contact information to Lara Olafsdottir at the NRF Secretariat (
Advanced graduate students and individuals who have recently completed a Masters or PhD are eligible to receive full or partial travel funding from NRF in order to participate in the meeting. Applicants should submit the following to:, by 1 May 2008:
- brief statement of interest describing how the applicant's research and professional or personal experiences relate to the particular themes or projects of the meeting;
- one-page resume; and
- abstract for a presentation to be considered for a Square Hour, Plenary Session, or Project-Day Session.
Information about registration, topic submission, funding applications, important deadlines, and other meeting details is available at: