240,3394The delegation consists of: Daria Nickolaevna Krylova, Head of the Department of Licensing and accreditation at the Sakha State University; Sergei Dmitrievich Lytkin; and Anna Nickolaevna Ikonnikova, senior lecturer, translator and coordinator of the University of the Arctic Russian Information Centre. The group has a number of objectives during their visit, including developing a cooperation with northern universities in Finland, sharing experiences of distance learning in the North, gaining a better understanding of information technology at Finnish Universities, as well as how the state applies accreditation for students.
The group started their visit in Oulu, visiting the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, where they discussed, among other things, information technology at these institutions as well as the support services required to maintain such a system. They then travelled to Rovaniemi to visit the University of Lapland as well as the UArctic International Secretariat, where the group met with many representatives of the university where information was given about the University of Lapland, as well as a short presentation on the Finnish auditing system.