240,3294Born and raised in Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic located in Russian’s North-East, Irina never expected her future study plans would involve the University of  Tromso. However, after learning about north2north from a brochure at her home institution, Syktyvkar State University, Irina jumped at the chance to participate in the program.
“Truly saying, I never thought that one day I would find myself in Tromso- the gateway to the Arctic- as I never planned to go to another country to study or live, though I have been dreaming about it. But as it turned out, I am really happy to realize that my dreams have come true”.
Irina’s decision to study at the University of Tromso, the northernmost university of the world, was because of its wide range of courses in Biology, taught in English. Currently, she is taking three Master’s level courses from the Department of Biology. Although there have been some difficulties studying in a different language, Irina is grateful for the opportunity to improve her English.
Already 3 months into her exchange, Irina still has no regrets about her decision to study in Tromso. Her first impression of Norway was especially memorable; “Once I arrived I was really spellbound by this incredible place surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands in all directions”.
240,3299Since then, Irina’s attachment to the city has only grown. The freedom to explore the local landscape and the friendly atmosphere of local residents has made her transition to a new country especially untroubled. When asked if she had any advice for students interested in participating in the north2north program, Irina offered some very wise insight:
“Be ambitious and not afraid of challenges! Remember ‘what does not kill me only makes me stronger’. Express yourself in every way you wish!”
For more information on the north2north program please visit their website!