The purpose of the revision is to update the content of the courses (e.g. include more information on the issue of climate change); to reduce overlap in content between courses; to support program values and goals; and to improve learning of program themes.


240,3311During the meeting the 17 participants drafted the revised learning objectives for all the seven core courses and the module learning objectives for the courses BCS 100, 311 and 312. The module objectives for other courses will be drafted by mid January. The learning objectives will go through a peer review by external experts and selected alumni students.


The first module authors will start their work at the beginning of 2008 and are expected to submit their first drafts before the Team’s next meeting in May. The authors will have at their disposal the “Authors’ Guide for BCS Core Courses” which was prepared based on the outlines set at the Team’s 1st meeting in February 2007 in Saskatoon, Canada. 


The revision process will be complete by 2009.


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The Office of Undergraduate Studies


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