1,3306Crosscutting themes will continue on the basis of the first Taking Wing conference, held in Saariselkä, Finland in 2002; a gender perspective for indigenous and non-indigenous people in the Arctic. For the second conference, the organisers see it as timely to make a point of including men's perspectives and living conditions. Organisers suggest that the conference be held in autumn 2008, timed to take place in conjunction with a joint meeting of the Senior Arctic Officials and the Sustainable Development Working Group.
Organisers hereby ask the assistance of a reference group to be established before the end of the year, representing Member States, Permanent Participants and Observers of the Arctic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers. Member states and permanent participants designate participants representing:
-          Indigenous peoples' organisations
-          Relevant NGOs
-          Researchers/experts working on Arctic issues
-          Representatives of the Arctic Council, including the working groups; the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Barents Council, local and indigenous governments, national and regional authorities
-          Representatives from international organisations such as the UN.

The reference group contacts and work will primarily be done electronically (e-mail, phone, videoconferencing, forums), and result in a progress report and final approval by the spring 2008 SDWG meeting.

The identification of participants, presenters and agenda themes will be first priority for the administrators and reference group, and will have the Taking Wing and SAOs' recommendations from 2002 plus AHDR and other work on gender equality in the Arctic as a starting point. Within this frame, there are three suggested main themes for the conference:  
1. Human dimension of climate changes
2. Living conditions in the Arctic
3. Power and influence on forces of development in the Arctic  

In order to arrange the conference at the estimated time, it is necessary to start preparations immediately. 
-This call for papers and participation goes out to Arctic Council member states, Permanent Participants, Observers and Taking Wing 2002 participants no later than December 2007.
-Reference group members to be drafted by Jan 1st 2008.
-A designated web space for the conference planning to be set up, preferably linked from the Arctic Council or SDWG websites.
-A preliminary agenda, with keynote speakers, themes and workshop titles will be developed by the organisers and reference group for consideration of the SDWG spring meeting, 2008.
-Registration papers to be sent out in May 2008
-Conference and SDWG/SAO meetings.
As with the first conference, organizers propose that The Arctic Council countries finance their own participants in the reference group and conference. In addition, certain coordinating efforts such as administrative work, interpretation and keynote speakers' travel and accommodation are sought financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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