Aalborg University


Aalborg University offers education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences. It is characterised by a combination of keen engagement in local, regional and national issues and an active commitment to international collaboration.

Aalborg University meets regional demands for academically educated staff, research, innovation and communication while collaborating with other Danish universities to meet national demands. The international perspective is reflected in the university's research and education activities through the employment of international teaching staff, the establishment of student exchange programmes and international research collaboration.

Aalborg University wishes to cover and develop a wide and varied range of high quality academic and professional programmes within all the main areas noted above. In turn, these programmes aim to fulfil the requirements of both the private and the public sectors of the labour market. While Aalborg University also provides elite programmes within selected areas, it is taking steps to expand its reputation as an internationally recognised leading university within problem based learning.

Aalborg University is currently strengthening its position as a network university. This entails collaborating with regional and national educational institutions in Denmark as well as the creation of consortia and collaboration networks with other national and international universities. In addition, Aalborg University aims to collaborate constructively and actively with local educational institutions and business partners in order to enhance competence and business development in the various regions in which it is represented.


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Facts and figures

Web http://www.aau.dk
Year Established 1974
Total Number of Staff 3468
Number of Academic Staff 1285
Number of Students 20743
Focus Areas

Social sciences
Engineering and science
IT & Design
Health Sciences

Web link for international students http://www.en.aau.dk/education
Fields of Study Offered Basic/broad, general programmes
Arts (broad programmes)
Humanities (broad programmes)
Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Business and administration (broad programmes)
Law (broad programmes)
Physical science (broad programmes)
Mathematics and statistics (broad programmes)
Computing (broad programmes)
Engineering and engineering trades (broad programmes)
Manufacturing and processing (broad programmes)
Architecture and building (broad programmes)
Health (broad programmes)
Personal services (broad programmes)
Environmental protection (broad programmes)