Arja Rautio - Vice-President Research University of Oulu
Develops and oversees UArctic’s research strategy. Support the current collaboration and actions of the Thematic Networks.
Arja Rautio has been working in the field of circumpolar health since 2006 at the Thule Institute and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu. Her research interests are on health and wellbeing of populations living in the changing Arctic, marginalization, indigenous health and wellbeing, research ethics and human-environment relationships. She has been the Lead of international Master’s and Doctoral programs. Dr Rautio is a member of the Human Health Expert groups of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme and Sustainable Development Working Group (Co-Chair 2017-19), Social and Human Sciences Group of the International Arctic Science Committee, a board member of the International Union of Circumpolar Health and Chair of the Nordic Society of Circumpolar Health.
Kirsi Latola - Director of Thematic Networks University of Oulu
Responsibility areas: Main contact point for UArctic Thematic Networks and Institutes. from planning to proposal and establishment and operation of the network. Supports Thematic Networks in their activities including strategies for fundraising. Promotes Thematic Networks and their activities to the wider public.
Over the past ten years Kirsi Latola has worked as a research coordinator at the Thule Institute and managed several national and international projects on research, knowledge sharing and graduate education. She has managed the University of the Arctic (UArctic) Thematic Networks program since 2005, and is now the Director of Thematic Networks. I addition to her work for UArctic and supporting the other research projects and proposals, she is leading the transnational access work package in INTERACT (FP7, 2011-15 and H2020 2016-2020) and also leading a task on stakeholder consultations in a EU-PolarNet project on Polar Research coordination (H2020, 2015-2019).
Hannele Savela - Research Area Coordinator University of Oulu
Responsibility areas: UArctic Congress 2018 arrangements, UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue support, promotion and information services related to UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison office activities.
Hannele has a long experience in project coordination and management, ranging from a PhD program (2002-2008) and International Master’s Program (2009-2011) to coordination of Transnational Access activity in INTERACT (EU-FP7, 2011-present). Her international activities include representation of INTERACT in the global Group on Earth Observations (GEO), where she is one of the co-leads in both Cold Regions and the Ecosystems Task Components. During the course of her career she has gained extensive knowledge and overview in polar research, and a valuable network of European and pan-Arctic research groups, networks, and organizations. Hannele’s experience on research funding covers a range of funding instruments from the national level (Academy of Finland and national research grants) to EU policies and funding instruments (FP-7, Tempus, ESR, Life+, Kolarctic ENPI, Horizon2020). Her academic background includes a PhD in animal physiology, with a focus on both experimental and field studies in applied animal physiology of one of the most iconic arctic animal –the reindeer.
Responsibility areas: UArctic Congress 2018 arrangements, UArctic Research Infrastructure Catalogue, Thematic Networks and other UArctic webpages administration, promotion and information services related to UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison office activities, postdoctoral level research.